About Air Separation Introduction

About Air Separation Introduction

Air separation is the process of separating air components such as nitrogen, oxygen and argon from one another. It plays a key role in many industries such as medical, manufacturing and energy production. Cryogenic distillation is usually employed for this task; it involves cooling air to extremely low temperatures before separating components based on their boiling points. The gases produced can then be used for various applications from industrial processes to medical treatments. Recent technological advancements in air separation technology have made this task more efficient and cost-effective than ever before.

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15 years of focus on research and development, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.

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The craftsmanship is skilled, the equipment safety is high, and there are many professional engineers with 30 years of experience in the company to reduce potential safety hazards.

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In addition to basic maintenance, the continuous operation cycle of the device is 3 years, and the life of the device is more than 25 years.

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Adopt professional air separation technology with low consumption and flexible cooling capacity adjustment.

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Kaifeng Kaixing Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving and environmental protection emerging technology service enterprise integrating air separation equipment, cryogenic technology application, energy-saving technology promotion and contract energy management. The company is located in Jinming Industrial Park, Kaifeng City, two kilometers away from the Nanyuan exit of Kaifeng Expressway.
Since its establishment, the company has successively developed energy-saving air separation equipment, oxygen enrichment equipment in front of metallurgical blast furnaces, nitrogen variable pressure conveying equipment, air compressor waste heat recovery, circulating water system energy saving and other energy-saving projects. Use the "4A" high-efficiency and energy-saving technology of fluid conveying to carry out the overall analysis and design of the system, and adopt the EPC (Energy Contract Management) method to achieve win-win results with customers, part-time samples, energy saving and environmental protection.

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Basic System of Air Separation Plant


Power System
Air separation plants use raw material air compressors to separate air at low temperature in order to produce oxygen, nitrogen and other products through energy conversion. Most of the device's energy input comes from this same raw air compressor; consequently, most of its total energy consumption during air separation comes from this same device.

Purification System
This consists of an air pre-cooling system (air cooling system) and molecular sieve purification system (purification system). Compressed raw air has a high temperature, so the pre-cooling system reduces it through contact heat exchange while washing away harmful impurities like acidic substances. Furthermore, the molecular sieve purification system further removes moisture, carbon dioxide, acetylene, propylene, propane, nitrous oxide in the air as well as other hazardous for air separation plants.

Heat Exchange System
The heat balance in an air separation plant is achieved through refrigeration and heat exchange systems. Due to advances in technology, most heat exchangers now feature aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers.

Distillation System
The core of an air separation plant is essential equipment for achieving low temperature separation. Usually, two stages of high and low pressure two-stage rectification are used; it consists of a low pressure column, medium pressure column and condensing evaporator.

Product Delivery System
Oxygen and nitrogen produced in an air separation plant need a specific pressure in order for their use in a subsequent system. This system includes oxygen compressors and nitrogen compressors of various specifications.

Liquid Storage System
An air separation plant can produce certain products such as liquid oxygen and nitrogen, which then enter a liquid storage system for use when required. This system consists of tanks, cryogenic liquid pumps and vaporizers of various specifications.

Control System
Large-scale air separation plants utilize computer distributed control system, which enables automated operation.

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15 years of focus on research and development, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.

Air separation plant is a large and complex system, mainly composed of the following subsystems: power system, purification system, refrigeration system, heat exchange system, rectification system, product conveying system, liquid storage system and control system, etc.

The operation is stable, except for basic maintenance, the continuous operation cycle of the equipment is 3 years, and the service life of the equipment is more than 25 years.

The delivery time of a complete set of air separation plants is generally determined by the manufacturing time of the air compressors, which is generally six to seven months.

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