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Kaifeng Kaixing Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving and environmental protection emerging technology service enterprise integrating air separation equipment, cryogenic technology application, energy-saving technology promotion and contract energy management. The company is located in Jinming Industrial Park, Kaifeng City, two kilometers away from the Nanyuan exit of Kaifeng Expressway.
Since its establishment, the company has successively developed energy-saving air separation equipment, oxygen enrichment equipment in front of metallurgical blast furnaces, nitrogen variable pressure conveying equipment, air compressor waste heat recovery, circulating water system energy saving and other energy-saving projects. Use the "4A" high-efficiency and energy-saving technology of fluid conveying to carry out the overall analysis and design of the system, and adopt the EPC (Energy Contract Management) method to achieve win-win results with customers, part-time samples, energy saving and environmental protection.
The company has a professional and experienced engineering and technical team. There are more than 100 middle and senior technical personnel in design, manufacturing, installation and management, and more than 200 skilled workers. Over the years, while strengthening quality management, the company has continuously improved its technical level, introduced excellent professional technology and management personnel, developed and put into production energy-saving air separation of 1500m3/h to 30000m3/h, oxygen enrichment in front of blast furnaces of 450m3 to 2460m3 The equipment and multiple sets of molecular sieve system and circulating water system energy-saving renovation equipment, the high-quality products provided to users are all successfully debugged at one time, and all the technical indicators of the equipment meet or exceed the contract requirements, which has won a good reputation for the company.
In recent years, it has entered the industrial gas production industry, forming an emerging industry that can not only manufacture energy-saving equipment but also develop gas investment. The company's cadres and employees are making greater contributions to the development of China's gas industry with full enthusiasm and positive and enterprising spirit.

Metal Max


Air compressor
Complete set of air separation
Dynamic Air Separation Plant
Fractionation column


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Complete set of air separation
Complete set of air separation
Because of focus, so different
15 years of focus on R&D, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.
Run smoothly
In addition to basic maintenance, the continuous operation cycle of the device is 3 years, and the life of the device is more than 25 years.
Nitrogen compressor
Nitrogen compressor
Safe and efficient
Adopt professional air separation technology with low consumption and flexible cooling capacity adjustment.
Oxygen compressor
Oxygen compressor
Mature technology
The craftsmanship is skilled, the equipment safety is high, and there are many professional engineers with 30 years of experience in the company to reduce potential safety hazards.

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