What is the working principle of the axial displacement indicator of the air compressor of the complete air separation plant?

In the actual operation of the complete air separation plant, the heat transfer area of the heat exchanger has been fixed. If the temperature difference at the hot end expands, it means that the cooling capacity of the reflux gas can

Why is the low temperature valve of the complete set of air separation plant prone to get stuck and can't be moved, and how to solve it?

After the take-off pressure of the complete air separation plant is adjusted, the lock nut should be tightened to prevent the adjustment screw from loosening, so that the take-off pressure can be changed by itself. At the same time,

Difference Between Oxygen Compressor and Air Compressor

Maybe you only know about air compressors because it is a widely used type of compressor. However, oxygen compressors, nitrogen compressors and hydrogen compressors are also common compressors. Here are the differences between air co

What is a nitrogen compressor?

Do you know what are the common ingredients in our air? In fact, most of the air we breathe is nitrogen. Air is 78% nitrogen, only 21% oxygen and some other gases. Because of the importance of oxygen, more people may only know about


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