What is a nitrogen compressor?

Do you know what are the common ingredients in our air? In fact, most of the air we breathe is nitrogen. Air is 78% nitrogen, only 21% oxygen and some other gases. Because of the importance of oxygen, more people may only know about oxygen compressors. But in fact, nitrogen is very useful in various industrial applications, and we will introduce you to nitrogen compressors.

What is nitrogen?

First, it is an inert gas. It is odorless, colorless and life-sustaining. However, it is important for plant growth and a key additive in fertilizers. Its uses go well beyond gardening. Nitrogen is usually present in liquid or gaseous form. In medical research and reproductive technology, liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant to rapidly freeze food and subjects.

Advantages of nitrogen

Nitrogen's lack of reactivity is its advantage, so the gas is used to prevent slow and rapid oxidation. The electronics industry provides a perfect example of this use, as slow oxidation in the form of corrosion occurs in the production of circuit boards and other small parts. Slow oxidation is not new to the food and beverage industry, where nitrogen is used to replace or replace air to better preserve products. Explosions and fires are a good example of rapid oxidation because they require oxygen as a fuel. By removing oxygen from the container with the help of nitrogen, the likelihood of these accidents can be reduced.

If the application requires the use of nitrogen, there are three main ways to obtain the gas. One is to rent nitrogen tanks on site and transport gas, and the other is to transport nitrogen high-pressure steel cylinders. The third is to use nitrogen compressors to produce nitrogen by themselves. If the demand is high, the company can choose to produce it by itself, but the capital is high. In fact, compressed nitrogen is convenient for ordinary companies. First, capital is not as big as spending. Second, nitrogen production technology is expensive and cumbersome to maintain. Use readily available nitrogen.

What is a nitrogen compressor?
Nitrogen compressors are used to compress and convey dry nitrogen equipment. In addition to the main engine, the nitrogen compressor includes gas coolers for each stage, inlet and outlet dampers, induction motors and oil supply. The dry nitrogen enters the compressor through the filter, and after multi-stage compression, the pressure reaches the specified high pressure. After each stage of compression, the hot gas is cooled by a water-cooled shell and tube heat exchanger.

Application of nitrogen compressor
Nitrogen is widely used in industrial applications, including atmospheric packaging of perishable foods. It is also used to prevent fires and explosions in chemical plants. Using high-quality compressed nitrogen to power the generator ensures long-term trouble-free maintenance and guaranteed performance.