About Nitrogen Compressor Introduction

About Nitrogen Compressor Introduction

The nitrogen compressor has a working pressure range of 300Mpa for liquid and 90Mpa for gas. According to the type of shaft, it is divided into single-shaft multi-stage type and double-shaft four-stage type.



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Nitrogen Compressor Technology


While the nitrogen generator produces nitrogen, the generator itself does not produce nitrogen. Instead, the nitrogen present in the air (approximately 78% air is nitrogen) is purified inside the generator as any extra molecules, such as oxygen, carbon dioxide or water (moisture), are removed from the gas. Once separated from these additional compounds, nitrogen gas can be used for analysis.

Nitrogen compressor technology accomplishes this separation process by supplying air to a nitrogen generator system for purification through membranes and other filters or through a pressure swing adsorption (PSA) system and filters.

One way to separate nitrogen from air using an internal compressor is through a membrane nitrogen generator, where the air is compressed and passed through a membrane consisting of hollow fibers with small enough pores to prevent the nitrogen from being pushed through with the oxygen. High purity nitrogen is then left and ready to be supplied to the instrument.

Another system based on nitrogen compressors is PSA technology. Like membrane nitrogen generators, PSA nitrogen generators also use an air compressor to supply nitrogen from the atmosphere. However, the PSA nitrogen generator then passes the nitrogen gas through a column – carbon molecular sieve (CMS) – whose surface is covered with tightly packed carbon particles, allowing only oxygen molecules to adsorb onto the carbon material. Instead, nitrogen molecules pass through the CMS and are filtered this way.

For a PSA nitrogen generator, two CMS columns are required, one of which is depressurized, while the other is under pressure to pass air through a sieve. The PSA nitrogen generator also includes a multi-stage pre-filtration process that removes dust particles and moisture from the air before it reaches the CMS.

For nitrogen compressor systems, regular maintenance of the compressor is strongly recommended. Compressors require annual preventive maintenance services to maintain output purity and integrity while extending generator life.

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15 years of focus on research and development, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.

Nitrogen compressor is a kind of equipment for reducing and increasing N2 gas, and the maximum pressure can reach 60Mpa. 

The general delivery time for nitrogen compressors is four to five months, and the delivery time for equipment is four months.

Regarding the price calculation of nitrogen compressors, the actual calculation must be carried out from the main parameters of various aspects.For example, the exhaust pressure and total flow required by each user are different, and the price is also different.Nitrogen compressors are also divided into oil-free nitrogen compressors and oil-based nitrogen compressors. Different types have different prices. Therefore, the price of nitrogen compressor varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the actual price must be calculated by the sales specialist according to the requirements of the customer.

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