High Pressure Nitrogen Compressor | Nitrogen Compressor Factories

High Pressure Nitrogen Compressor | Nitrogen Compressor Factories

Nitrogen Compressor | Air compressors are the basic products of industrial modernization. Electricity and automation are said to have full aerodynamic significance. Air compressors are the main source of electromechanical air supply units for pneumatic equipment. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of power (usually an electric motor) into pneumatic energy, and is a pneumatic generating device for compressed air. The composition includes an oil circulation system, a gas circulation system, a water circulation system, a power distribution system, a screen protection system, a DC power supply system and a DTC control system. | Nitrogen Compressor

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15 years of focus on research and development, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.

Mature Technology

The craftsmanship is skilled, the equipment safety is high, and there are many professional engineers with 30 years of experience in the company to reduce potential safety hazards.

Running Smoothly

In addition to basic maintenance, the continuous operation cycle of the device is 3 years, and the life of the device is more than 25 years.

Safe and Efficient

Adopt professional air separation technology with low consumption and flexible cooling capacity adjustment.

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Kaifeng Kaixing Air Separation Equipment Co., Ltd. is an energy-saving and environmental protection emerging technology service enterprise integrating air separation equipment, cryogenic technology application, energy-saving technology promotion and contract energy management. The company is located in Jinming Industrial Park, Kaifeng City, two kilometers away from the Nanyuan exit of Kaifeng Expressway.
Since its establishment, the company has successively developed energy-saving air separation equipment, oxygen enrichment equipment in front of metallurgical blast furnaces, nitrogen variable pressure conveying equipment, air compressor waste heat recovery, circulating water system energy saving and other energy-saving projects. Use the "4A" high-efficiency and energy-saving technology of fluid conveying to carry out the overall analysis and design of the system, and adopt the EPC (Energy Contract Management) method to achieve win-win results with customers, part-time samples, energy saving and environmental protection.

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Nitrogen Compressor | Oil-Free Nitrogen Compressor Features

Oil Free Nitrogen Compressor all oil-free, green and pollution-free, no need for oil lubrication, friction seals such as piston rings and guide rings are made of special materials with self-lubricating properties, which do not affect the gas composition.

The structural advantages are reflected in:

  • The entire compression system is not lubricated by thin oil, avoiding the possibility of oil contacting with high pressure and high purity nitrogen;
  • The whole system has simple mechanical structure, convenient control and easy operation;
  • For the compressed gas medium, no pollution, the nitrogen purity at the inlet and outlet of the compressor is the same

Oil Free Nitrogen Compressor | Nitrogen Compressor

Nitrogen Compressor | Oil-Free Nitrogen Compressor Features

Main Uses of Nitrogen Compressors

  • Special nitrogen compressor for oil and gas industry, suitable for the development of continental oil and natural gas exploitation, nitrogen protection, transportation, monopoly, substitution, hazard, maintenance, nitrogen collection and other fields of coastal and deep-sea oil and natural gas. It has the characteristics of high safety, strong adaptability and continuous production.
  • Nitrogen compressor for chemical industry, suitable for petrochemical, coal chemical, salt chemical, natural gas chemical, fine chemical, new material and its derivative chemical products processing industry. Nitrogen is mainly used for covering, purging, replacement, cleaning, pressure transfer, chemical reaction stirring, chemical fiber production protection, nitrogen filling protection and other fields.
  • Nitrogen press for smelting industry, mainly used in heat treatment, bright annealing, heat preservation, powder metallurgy, copper and aluminum material processing, magnetic material sintering, precious metal processing, bearing manufacturing and other industries. Due to its high purity and continuous production, some processes require a certain amount of hydrogen and nitrogen to increase brightness.
Main Uses of Nitrogen Compressors

Nitrogen Compressor Function

Nitrogen Compressor Function Introduction:

  • The working pressure range is large, different types of pumps can be selected to obtain different pressure areas, and the input air pressure and output air pressure can be adjusted accordingly. Can reach extremely high pressure, liquid 300Mpa, gas 90Mpa
  • Wide flow range. For all types of pumps, only 1Kg of air pressure can work smoothly. At this time, the minimum flow rate is obtained, and different flow rates can be obtained after adjusting the intake air volume.
  • Easy to control, from simple manual control to complete automatic control can meet the requirements.
  • Automatic restart, no matter what causes the pressure of the holding circuit to drop, it will restart automatically to supplement the leakage pressure and keep the circuit pressure constant.
  • Safe operation, gas driven, no arc and spark, can be used in dangerous situations.
  •  The maximum energy saving can reach 70%, because maintaining the pressure does not consume any energy.
Nitrogen Compressor Function

Nitrogen Compressor Type Classification

Nitrogen compressors are classified by shaft type:

a, single-shaft multi-stage type, several impellers are connected in series on one shaft.

b, two-shaft four-stage type, four impellers cantilever at both ends of the two pinions, and the rotation is driven by the motor to drive the pinions through the large gears.

  • According to the cylinder type:

Horizontal split and vertical split.

  • According to the form of interstage cooling:

a,Cooling takes place outside the machine, and after each stage of compression, the gas is output outside the machine and enters the cooler.

b,The inside of the machine is cooled, and the cooler and the outer casing are cast in one piece.

Nitrogen Compressor Type Classification
Frequently Asked Question

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15 years of focus on research and development, manufacturing and installation of various complete sets of air separation equipment, air separation spare parts and gas supply enterprises.

Nitrogen compressor is a kind of equipment for reducing and increasing N2 gas, and the maximum pressure can reach 60Mpa. 

The general delivery time for nitrogen compressors is four to five months, and the delivery time for equipment is four months.

Regarding the price calculation of nitrogen compressors, the actual calculation must be carried out from the main parameters of various aspects.For example, the exhaust pressure and total flow required by each user are different, and the price is also different.Nitrogen compressors are also divided into oil-free nitrogen compressors and oil-based nitrogen compressors. Different types have different prices. Therefore, the price of nitrogen compressor varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the actual price must be calculated by the sales specialist according to the requirements of the customer.

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